Dedicated to improving educational outcomes for California's children and youth in foster care.

About Us

The California Foster Youth Education Task Force (CFYETF) is dedicated to improving educational outcomes for foster youth in California. The Task Force was created in 2004 to address critical issues related to foster youth education. Subject matter experts representing more than 100 organizations and agencies, together with grassroots stakeholders, work together on the Task Force to improve the disparate educational outcomes for students in foster care. 

The Task Force is always recruiting new members. Membership is open to anyone interested in promoting improved educational opportunities and successes for California's foster youth. To become a member, please contact Mia Stizzo at

The following are some highlights of the CFYETF efforts in recent years:

  • Developed and published a series of fact sheets on subjects such as Education Rights, Special Education, Non-public Schools, AB 490, and School Discipline.
  • Created and disseminated wallet cards and policy briefs that affect educational outcomes for youth in foster care.
  • Convened numerous statewide foster youth education summits.. 
  • Specialized workgroups focus on specific issues impacting youth in foster care, including: early childhood/ infant toddler advocacy, discipline, mental health, education advocacy, educational stability, higher education and information sharing.
  • These workgroups develop legislation and strategies for ensuring existing legislation is successfully implemented.